Knowledge and Grace

I have had this struggle my whole life when it comes to wellness. If I don’t do something all in, 100%, I assume it’s not good enough, and I quit. Dieting is a perfect example. If I eat one thing that the diet-Du-jour deems to be “bad”, then I label the entire day a bust, and eat whatever delicious/crappy thing that comes my way. “I’ll start over tomorrow/next week/next month,” was always my mantra. It was all, or nothing at all, as far as I’m concerned.

I think my attitude of “all in” makes my life harder, not easier. My burst of energy to make a change for the positive drives me to want to make every change to better my health as soon as possible. I make rigid exercise schedules and diet choices, and then find them too rigid after a while, and quit.

Once I was diagnosed, and became more aware of what products I was using and some of the potentially cancer causing ingredients they contained, I decided I needed to make a switch to non-toxic products, ASAP! But where do I start? Purchasing safe and natural skin care is not the same as purchasing less safe products, and not as easily available. And just because a product label says it has “natural” or “organic” ingredients in it doesn’t mean all the ingredients are natural and organic. So what’s an “all in” gal supposed to do?

I was starting to do the same with my personal care products that I do with diets. I assumed they all had to be 100% natural, vegan, organic, non-GMO, etc, etc, etc. If my products didn’t meet every standard in every natural-focused website, blog and magazine out there, then I assumed it wasn’t good enough for me to use, or to recommend to you. I became paralyzed with the idea that what I was doing for myself, and what I was trying to do for you, wasn’t good enough. So, I let my fear take over, and I stopped trying to figure it out, and I stopped writing.

But this is where knowledge and grace come in. The knowledge I needed to remind myself that what my goal in writing this blog is to provide safe and natural skin care products for those of us who have seen the side effects of cancer on our skin. And that doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. Step by step, product by product, we can replace the less safe products for safe ones. And the grace to remind myself that I am a human who is trying to help other humans suffer just a little less.

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