Love them or hate them, this is the time of year for resolutions. We can look at them as an opportunity to improve our lives and make changes for the better. On the flip of that, however good our intentions, we sometimes set goals that set us up for failure. Resolutions and goals we cannot possibly accomplish, no matter how hard we try.

So I’ve decided to do something different this year. My goal is wellness in all areas of my life. Health, relationships, financial and spiritual – in no particular order. Wellness in all areas of my life seems like a tall order, doesn’t it? And I would agree, so I decided to take the time to write out a plan to achieve this lofty goal. Ready for it? Here it is…

“How does/do _____ contribute to my _____ wellness?”

That’s it. That’s the question. Whatever situation or choice I have to face, I’m going to fill in the blank and ask myself that question.

“How do M&M’s contribute to my health wellness?”

The answer is, of course, they don’t. So, with wellness in mind, I can find a better alternative to M&M’s.

The idea behind my wellness question really isn’t about deprivation or denying myself, I promise. It’s about understanding the “cost” of my choices as compared to the goals I have in my life. For example, I’m probably not going to go buy a whole house full of new furniture this year if I’m also planning on spending a good sum of money on a once in a lifetime trip to Japan. A decision like that would impact my financial wellness. And, if you’re anything like me, any impact to my financial wellness has a direct impact to my health wellness in the form of stress!

So, what does all of this have to do with skin care and self-care before/during/after cancer? For me, my wellness goals are all about taking the best care of myself I possibly can. And forgiving myself when I make a choice that wasn’t the best option. That was one of the many lessons that cancer taught me. The better I am able to connect with myself, the more I feel that I am healing. Step by step, question by question, my wellness goal for this year allows me an opportunity to be the best I can be. And we all deserve the best possible version of ourselves. That, to me, is the very epitome of wellness.




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