My yes/and cleanser

One of the skin issues I have had the most difficulty in solving is my evening cleanser. My skin, as I have mentioned before, is both sensitive and dry. Add to that I also have redness in spots and an uneven skin texture. All a side effect of my anti-cancer medication. So, I now wear a lot more foundation than I did before medication. And at the end of the day, I need a cleanser that will do the hard work of removing all of my make-up, and leave my skin soft and not overly dry.

One of the difficulties I have often heard about picking a cleanser is finding something gentle and effective. Also, for many people, if they are cleansing their face, they think their skin care product has to produce a bubbly foaming effect in order to do its job. I will admit, I fell into that category for a lot of years. I couldn’t get used to the idea that a cleansing lotion would be able to remove my make-up. However, when I’m fighting my current skin care battle, and a soapy, sudsy cleanser makes my skin even more dry, I was up for trying anything!

I found out about Annmarie Gianni skincare while reading a post on facebook by Kris Carr. If you don’t know Kris, you should. She produced an amazing documentary called Crazy, Sexy, Cancer about her battle with cancer and the impact it has had on her life and her wellness. Anyway, she was raving about her favorite skin care line by Annmarie Gianni. So, you know I had to check it out as well.

Annmarie, her husband Kevin, and her entire staff are dedicated to safe, natural, organic and chemical-free products. By adding plant extracts to bases such as aloe gel and oils, they create safe and effective products to address a variety of skin care needs. I’ve mentioned the benefits of aloe before, and addressing dry and sensitive skin is certainly at the top of the list for me!

So I was really surprises and grateful that aloe was at the top of the list of ingredients in the Aloe Herb Cleanser! Also listed are coconut oil, which is very moisturizing as well as being an anti-inflammatory ingredient. And calendula, which is one of my favorites, and is considered one of the most healing anti-inflammatories on the planet. Along with a few other organic and/or wildcrafted ingredients, and you have a gentle and effective cleanser that is also pH balanced. What more could you ask for?