What, but also how

While I firmly believe what we use on our skin, and the quality of those products, is incredibly important, so is how we use them. Just like with baking, we can have the best of ingredients, but if we don’t utilize them properly, we won’t have the best of results. So I decided to come up with a list of helpful hints to get the most out of your skin care routine. And water is always at the top of this list.

This is an important one. Not only do we use water externally for our skin care, but internal hydration is key to helping us combat cancer fatigued skin. One of the biggest issues I have experienced and read about regarding skin care for anyone is ensuring that you are staying hydrated for your health, and your best skin care results.

But hydration, while important, is not the only benefit that water can play in our skin health. Water temperature, and properly rinsing our skin, are also key factors.

I love a good hot shower. And as we head into the winter months, standing under a steaming warm stream of water is often times the definition of luxury and warmth for me. So, while it might do my soul some good, it’s not doing my skin any favors. If your water is too hot, it will strip your skin of its natural oils in addition to causing redness and irritation from the heat. My advice is to turn down the water to the coolest temperature that is comfortable for you. And turn your back to the shower head, exposing your face, or any area of your skin that is inflamed from your treatments and medications, to water only when needed for cleansing.

And speaking of cleansing, and a point that might seem completely contradictory to my previous point, is to make sure you use plenty of water when cleansing your face. Huh? Here’s what I mean. Sometimes, when we cleanse our skin, we use maybe a splash or two of water to clean off our cleanser. But that might not be enough to completely rid our skin of the make-up and grime of the day, let alone the cleanser we use to ensure we have the cleanest skin possible. That kind of residue on our skin will only exaggerate sensitive and dry skin issues. My recommendation is to add a splash of water to your nightly cleanser, thoroughly and gently clean your face, and use at least 6 cupped handfuls of lukewarm water to remove your make-up and cleanser.

Water is such a key player in taking care of ourselves. It’s all about treating ourselves in the best way, inside and out, to promote our health and our healing.