Ingredients - Good and Bad

When I'm baking, I like to use the best ingredients possible.  I want the finished product to reflect my commitment to the process.  I want those who eat what I've made to know that they have the best I can give them.


I want my skin care to be the same way.  I want the best I can give myself.  I want what is safe, natural, healthy and healing.


The issue most people have when it comes to skin care is that they don't know what ingredients are safe, natural, healthy and healing.  Reading skin care labels is almost impossible, because knowing what the ingredients are, and what they do, is almost impossible.


But just because we don't know what ingredients are doesn't mean we throw up our hands and just buy whatever skin care happens to be on the shelf.  No, we educate ourselves!


Our goal at Skin Cares is to provide you with the latest information on skin care ingredients, so check this page often for updates.


So, go forth, healthy Skin Cares shopper!  You have what you need to make an informed and educated decision about what to put on your skin!