Wendi -

Researcher, Natural Skin Care Enthusiast, Cancer Survivor/Thriver

I’ve been passionate about skin care for as long as I can remember.  Whatever the latest and great product was, I wanted to try it.  But after starting treatments for breast cancer, I noticed a change in my skin.  Where I once had a “peaches and cream” glow, as my grandma would call it, now I had ruddiness, dryness, creepiness, and lines.  Determined to find an answer to my skin care concerns, and armed with knowledge from a natural skin care entrepreneur, I did what I do best – research.  I wash shocked when I learned how little regulation goes into the skin care industry, and how many ingredients used are harmful and potentially cancer causing.  I wanted better for myself, and I want better for you.

I’m sharing my research journey with you, and I hope that what I find helps you in your journey. 

Here’s to our healing,


The mission of Skin Cares is to provide empowering and reliable skin care information to cancer patients. Our goal is to ensure every product we recommend is both safe and effective in meeting the unique needs of cancer-related skin care concerns.