Wendi -

Researcher, Natural Skin Care Enthusiast, Cancer Survivor/Thriver

I’ve been passionate about skin care for as long as I can remember.  Whatever the latest and great product was, I wanted to try it.  But after starting treatments for breast cancer, I noticed a change in my skin.  Where I once had a “peaches and cream” glow, as my grandma would call it, now I had ruddiness, dryness, creepiness, and lines.  Determined to find an answer to my skin care concerns, and armed with knowledge from a natural skin care entrepreneur, I did what I do best – research.  I wash shocked when I learned how little regulation goes into the skin care industry, and how many ingredients used are harmful and potentially cancer causing.  I wanted better for myself, and I want better for you.

I’m sharing my research journey with you, and I hope that what I find helps you in your journey. 

Here’s to our healing,


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